Do you have a leak in your business!? Fear not! We’re here to help with that with backbar management software.

Your salon products not being properly accounted for is likely the cause of this small leak. But even some leaks can sink big ships! 

But don’t worry, together we can fix it!

Salon product usage varies client to client. Therefore they needs to be treated like a variable service. Using a backbar management software can greatly impact your business. 

Variable services aren’t uncommon. Lots of businesses run off a to Parts+ labour financial model. Such as a frozen yogurt shop, painters or the mechanic shop. Ultimately, a backbar management software helps you to track the parts of your services. Charging by parts + labour ensures that your parts (i.e. hair color) is covered and the time taken on that service is too. 

Let’s look at the ways a backbar management software can help fix that leak!

No more emotional pricing!

Do you love your clients? Yes! Do they love you? Yes! Do they deserve a discount just because they brought you your favorite starbucks again? Uhm, no. 

It’s easy to emotionally discount. And sometimes we forget that we used a 2nd bowl or toner. But giving that small discount can be hurting your business, not just covering the items in your back bar but it can also hinder you from meeting rent and other expenses in your business. 

Let’s look at an example:

Let’s do some quick math. If you’re losing $15 in hair color per client on applications. You see about 3 clients a day, that’s $45 of lost revenue in just ONE DAY. Now say you work 20 days a month, over the 12 months in the year… you could be losing $10,800 in 1 year, per stylist! That’s a lot of money.

Having a backbar management system not only helps tracking your products. But it also helps with product cost reporting. So that when you go to checkout you are able to give the price with confidence knowing that everything leaving the back bar is paid for! 

Remember you are a professional, you should be treated and paid like a professional. 

Digital Formula Storage Management 

For how many years have you been flipping through a binder or container of recipe cards trying to make sure you use Patricia’s favoured summer formula? You know she likes to go lighter, but not too light… remember… 

As you mix, SalonScale will track the exact formula down to the gram in your clients profile. Making it easy to access and remix formulas or track notes to make future applications easier. 

So not only is it easy to find your previously used formulas. But you can also keep notes , forgetting that your client normally needs a second tone to achieve their dream hair!

It also makes it easier for incase you or another team member go on mat leave. It makes it easier for your team members to find previously used formulas for your client too. 

Being able to confidently go in and look at product usage in your salon is a game changer. You can easily pull the cost product in your salon, as well as how much you are profiting off of color too. You’re able to view reports by products, clients and stylists too. You are also able to see how much unused product is costing you too. 

Reporting and Analytics

This can help you to make more informed decisions around inventory and other aspects of your business too.

Orders Based on Usage

Do you ever find that your have so much color stocked up in your color bar never can find that 6N or seem to be out of Olaplex No.1 again! *wink*

Put the days of counting tabs behind you! Our app tracks how much color is being used as you are mixing and offers a suggested reorder amount based on how much color is actually being used. Now you never have to worry about being out of color again! 


As we teach and learn new techniques for hair, it’s become critical to the salon’s financial models that we are also teaching proper pricing. Using a backbar management software helps to create transparency and trust in amongst yourself and your team. As well as between your business and your clients. 

By joining SalonScale you’re also joining our community too. A community driven to ensure that we continue to leave our industry better for the next generation of stylists, solo artists, and salon owners!

A happy bank account!

When you have an increase of cash-flow coming in, you’re able to pay off debt and become financially sustainable. But it also gives you the peace of mind that if you have to step away from the chair or the salon from time to time that your business is covered. Whether that be the salary for your front desk or being able to provide coffee and treats for your clients or provide more education opportunities for yourself and your team! Not only is your business happy and healthy, but so is everyone in its ecosystem!

A backbar management software can greatly impact so many parts of your business!

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