Welcome to SalonScale! If you're a salon owner looking to elevate your business operations and make more profits from your backbar, you've come to the right place. We’re going to walk you through what you can expect in your first 30 days with SalonScale. From personal welcomes to how to run insightful reports, join us for a journey towards efficiency and salon success.

Day 1-7: Getting Started on the Right Foot

As soon as you sign up, you'll hear from us via email shortly after to welcome you to the SalonScale community. This email will guide you through the initial steps to set up your account and make you feel right at home. But that's just the beginning!

Have you heard of the dynamic duo, Jordan and the Weekly Webinar? Well, you'll have a chance to sign up for a weekly webinar hosted by none other than Jordan himself. He'll guide you through the ins and outs of setting up your account, leveraging the business center, and using the app effectively. It's like having your personal salon guru at your fingertips.

If a more personalized touch is your style, don't hesitate to book a 1 on 1  onboarding Zoom call with Amy. She'll answer your questions, troubleshoot any concerns, and ensure you're ready to take on the SalonScale journey.

Day 8-14: Tailoring Your Salon Sucess Experience

Your salon's uniqueness deserves to shine. That's why SalonScale lets you customize your backbar with ease. Choose your color lines, we have over 300 to choose from!  the And set their prices accurately. This way, you'll have a comprehensive overview of your product usage and revenue generated from your backbar.  Plus, if you use more of our advanced features like Inventory and orders, the information collected from sessions make it a breeze to manage and plan for your salon's future.

Salon success is a team effort, and SalonScale understands that. Adding your team members to the platform is as simple as a few clicks. Collaborate and coordinate seamlessly, ensuring everyone is on the same page and contributing to your business's growth.

Day 15-21: Practice Makes Profit

SalonScales training mode feature is a perfect way to learn your way around the SalonScale app without worrying about changing your client's sessions, and formulas or affecting your salon's inventory counts and reports. We suggest using water or weights in place of color for training purposes while you’re getting familiar with the app.

Once you feel comfortable using SalonScale on a client with real hair color, you can tap Regular session and mix your color as you normally would, while using SalonScale.

Day 22-30: Data-Driven Insights and Workflow Mastery

Creating sessions in SalonScale is where the magic begins. As you start collecting data on color usage, product wastage, and more, you're arming yourself with invaluable insights. This data is your secret weapon for making informed decisions that will shape the future of your salon.

Running reports has never been so rewarding! With SalonScale, you can track color usage and waste, and even unused products, enabling you to optimize your inventory, minimize losses, and boost profitability. Who knew numbers could be this exciting?

As you dive deeper into the system, you'll find your unique workflow and consistency. SalonScale adapts to your salon's rhythm, enhancing productivity and ensuring a seamless experience for both your team and clients.

Your Journey to Salon Success Begins Here

In your first 30 days with SalonScale, you're not just embracing a software platform; you're embarking on a journey to streamline your salon operations, grow your profits, and make data your best friend. From the friendly welcome to the powerful insights, each step is designed to empower your salon's growth.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the leap and discover the incredible possibilities that await you in your first 30 days with SalonScale. Your salon's success story starts now!