Hi, my name is Lynzie Smith and I’m the Founder of Independent Beauty Pros. Our platform connects Solopreneurs within the beauty and barber industry, creating opportunities for networking, educating, and cross promoting within our community!

In 2012 I became an Independent Artist, and frankly, I was overwhelmed with navigating entrepreneurship. I quickly realized that I had a lot to learn in terms of business. As I looked within my community, I found few opportunities to network with other Independent Artists and craved the connection I left within my commission-based salon.

As Entrepreneurs, we have so many obligations. By learning from one another, we can quickly scale and avoid pitfalls that come from trial and error! Thankfully, our industry is adapting, recognizing the shifts that have come. Slowly, we’ve seen communities pop up with true collaboration values.

Our platform is the first to cater specifically to the Solopreneur; the booth renter, suiter owner/renter, independent educator or coach. We’ve found that by providing education, resources, and community to these individuals, we are able to share best practices and support one another!

With a focus on Networking, how has the Industry shifted throughout the pandemic? Building relationships has never been easier! We now recognize that regardless of where we are geographically located, we can connect with one another so easily! And why would we want to connect to other Independent Artists within the Beauty and Barber Industry? Because we can go further faster when we work together!

How? By building quality relationships that lead to new opportunities, new clients, and more revenue! When we think of ‘Networking’, we often think of the opportunity to attract new clients who are looking for the services we offer. This focus could easily lead to a slow stream of new individuals, but it requires the most effort.

What if you could connect to one person who directly communicated regularly with many of your ideal clients and scale quickly with little effort? This is the beauty (pun intended) of Networking! By building relationships within the Beauty and Barber Industry, you’re able to reach so many more people quickly! You create an ‘Army’ of people who mention you when you’re offering services they don’t, when they aren’t available, or when they’re looking for support!

While ‘Networking’ may feel sticky and uncomfortable, there are many ways to navigate this important piece of Entrepreneurship without the struggle. One way, which we’ve all leaned in to, is through Social Media. Why post just to post? Aren’t we all trying to increase our income while embracing more work-life balance (thank you, global pandemic)??? We’ve created a FREE 7 Day ‘Post with Purpose’ Social Media Content Calendar to help you attract Industry Leaders, Brands (like SalonScale!), and New Clients with quality caption prompts to make this virtual piece of networking a piece of cake! Download this free tool here.

Are you looking to connect with other Solopreneurs within the Beauty and Barber Industry? We would LOVE to have you as a part of our community! Join our platform here! And if you’re not quite ready for another membership, we get it! Follow us on Instagram for quality content without the commitment! We’re here for you!