Confidence is Key 🔑

Confidence is the key ingredient to charging your worth. If you want your clients to be confident in your skills and prices the first step is to be confident in yourself.

You’ve got the education, taken classes, and have grown your skills. You have put in the work now and your clientele is growing.

Confidence comes with experience and education. It also starts with believing in yourself.

So if you still feel like you are lacking the confidence you need to take the step in charging your worth (aka - raising your prices), a few things you can do are:

  • Seek out more education opportunities that support what you want to learn and enhance
  • Keep practicing your skills and reach out to other stylists in the community. Mentors matter,
  • Recognize your demand, if your book is 85%, full it may be time for a price increase 😉

The Power’s in Your Hands

The hair industry has seen a big shift in recent years with the power being put back into stylists' hands.

When clients find a stylist they like they are loyal to them. And are likely to follow them.

Salon owners now need to impress stylists and want them to work for them as they bring a loyal clientele. As the stylist, you need to know the importance of loyal clients.

Many stylists have a fear of raising prices because they think they will lose clients. The truth is you might lose a couple of clients but the ones that love your work and see your value will stick around.

Your Personal Brand

Make sure that all of your efforts are working to attract the right clients for you. The trick to this is to have amazing consultations where you can connect with your clients. Find out what the clients are wanting to be done and if that fits your niche, if not don’t be afraid to refer them to someone else.

If extensions are your thing or maybe textured hair is, continue to brand yourself as that. Use your social channels to show the area you want to focus. You don’t need to be able to do it all.

Plus, branding will help get those desired clients in your chair. 😍


No matter how far along in your stylist journey there is always more to learn, it’s so important to step back and be the student again at times. Start having the confidence to charge your worth. Do what it takes to get there, whether it’s more education, practice, or getting support from the community. You have the power to show your clients that you are worth the pricing. Stay true to yourself and enjoy the journey to charging your worth.