Micro menus have been making a wave in the salon industry and we have no doubt in our minds that they are here to stay. Smaller offerings with high-impact results and less time in the chair - what more could you ask for?

You must be thinking, Smaller offerings? How is this going to generate profit for my business? Let’s break it down.

What is a Micro Menu?

  • Carefully curated selection of salon services
  • Services that take approximately 60 minutes or less from start to finish
  • Shorter time offerings that remain impactful while being less taxing on the client's wallet

Why are Micro Menus gaining popularity?

  • Personalization: In an era where personalization is highly valued, micro menus enable clients to choose services that resonate with their unique styles and taste.
  • Budget-friendly: At times, a $200 - $500 bill after a hair appointment can be dreadful. We have no doubt that clients will continue getting their favorite services but now, they can split these visits (and bills!) up between appointments. 
  • Fills empty time slots in your books: On top of these tips on increasing bookings when times are slow, having a menu full of services that are less than an hour almost guarantees for those last-minute appointments to be filled! 
  • Streamlined experience: Traditional hair salon service menus can be exhausting. Most clients don’t have time (or patience 😉) to spend 4+ hours in the chair at every appointment. Offering quick, more frequent services will help keep that client coming back, while still delivering high-impact results. 
  • Focus on specialization: Micro menus benefit both the client and the stylist. They allow you to showcase your expertise each and every time. 

It’s no surprise that inflation has hit our economy and it's hit hard. The world we live in looks a lot different than it did 3-5 years ago. Clients are becoming more reluctant about where they spend their money and, unfortunately to most, hair salons are more of a want than a need. Not to mention, clients are no longer willing to spend hours in the chair taking away from their busy lives. Micro menus are a strategic way to promote services to clients and keep revenues coming into your business so you can ensure your doors continue to stay open. 

You entered this industry with the intent of making it a lifelong career but unfortunately, this isn’t possible without bringing in revenues or a profit. Here are three extra steps you can take on top of implementing a micro menu. 

Now, let’s picture a micro menu the same way you would see a ‘clearance’ section at your favorite clothing store. A place you can go for the days you have a smaller budget.

So, stylists! This next part is for you! Here are some examples of services that can be offered on a micro menu:

  • Face framing highlights (partial)
  • Vivid
  • Toner refresh
  • Bang trim
  • Dry cut
  • Blowout

In conclusion, this simple change to your offerings has emerged as a powerful tool for hair salons to enhance their menus and provide a personalized and unforgettable experience to their clients. By streamlining choices, customers have the ability to better budget for their visits, come into the salon a little more frequently, and maybe even pick and choose which stylist they see for select services. It’s a win-win!