Give yourself a huge congrats for taking the first step in gaining control of your business, it’s not always easy, but we are with you. Change does not happen overnight, but you have given yourself permission to start the process.

Week 1:

While your scale is on its “weigh”, get your online dashboard set up.

- Download the App
- Add Your Products and Client List
- Do You Have Stylists? Add them in.

Need some help? Find videos and written tutorials within the dashboard that will help guide you through set-up and get you more familiar with the app. Or, give us a call, we love to chat and are eager to meet you.

Week 2:

Find your Super User (cape not included)

This could be yourself or any staff member that wants to take initiative and become the salon educator.

What does this mean? This person will dive right in. Similarly to any skill, the more you use it, the faster you become, the more you learn, and the smoother the transition.

  • - color with the app
  • - teach your teamanswer questions
  • - reach out to us-we are here to help

Week 3:

It’s going time - time to get the entire team using the app consistently.

Remember... its going to feel different, but do not forget why you chose to do this in the first place, and you have our community to guide you through.

  • make mistakes - they are the best teacher
  • be present, be patient
  • once more for the people in the back...change does not happen overnight (unless it's swapping out your scale batteries, which is much less motivational, but just as crucial - factory batteries are the worst)

Week 4:

Now the grand prize - your data.

Do yourself a favor...login to your online dashboard, click the “analytics” tab and start checking it out. See what has come out of your color bar, by who, for who, and when... down to the gram. Feels good right?

Nice work, you made the most out of your free trial, got yourself a free scale and made managing your color bar a priority. what?

Good news, like I said, we are a community of industry professionals helping industry professionals, so book a coach call and learn how current users have implemented SalonScale into their salons.

Remember this is a suggested guide, and there is no right or wrong way to use SalonScale. We want you to color YOUR way. Want another opinion? Read Kristie’s story of implementing SalonScale into her salon.