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SalonScale's app measures with a Bluetooth scale

SalonScale takes the guesswork out of your color bar costs.

Finally, a smart and modern tool to weigh, track, and charge for the color products you use in your salon.

SalonScale's app measures the color product, in real time.
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SalonScale's app measures the color product, in real time.

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SalonScale is easy to use salon software that will transform how you do business with an app that calculates the exact cost of every bowl of color mixed.

Our mission at SalonScale is to save one salon at a time by taking the guesswork out of colour pricing, ultimately empowering salon owners to know their worth and ensuring products are always paid for.

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Mix and weigh your color with ease with SalonScale


Mix and weigh your color with ease

Using our Bluetooth scale, weigh your color as you’re mixing it, and let the SalonScale app keep track of it as you go.

Charge the for the exact amount of product with SalonScale


Charge the for the exact amount of product

As you're using the SalonScale software, you can see the true cost of the colour products you're using, so when you're done you can directly charge your customer for the true cost.

Track your usage & profits in our dashboard with SalonScale


Track your usage & profits in our dashboard

Use your dashboard to monitor you and your stylist's colour usage and your profits.

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Once you start using SalonScale you will never be able to live without it.

Kristie L

Luxe Beauty Co.
Saskatoon, SK

Customer since June, 2018

We didn’t want to become another statistic. When 8 out of 10 salons are failing, we needed to find a way to ensure we were covering salon costs accurately.
– Nicole M, Customer since 2018
We have seen some amazing results in just a few weeks implementing new charging policies with the scale! We are so excited to see these changes so quickly.
– Erica H, Customer since 2018

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