“I already weigh my color every time I mix.” 

That sentence is something we often hear from stylists and salon owners who are thinking about implementing SalonScale into their business. While it’s completely valid, there is a big difference between a backbar that’s run by SalonScale and one that’s not.

Step 1: Weighing with SalonScale

Technology has come such a long way that if you’re given the opportunity to simplify the way you run your salon, why wouldn’t you? When weighing out your product with SalonScale, each drop is recorded in live time to your app which then gives you the exact cost of color used in each appointment. Check out this video on Ways to Weigh!

Step 2: Ordering with SalonScale

It’s not always pretty balayages and creative haircuts when it comes to working in this industry. Unfortunately, half the job of an entrepreneur is admin work… yuck! Not to worry though, we recognize that ordering your products is a timely task and our goal is to take as much work off your hands as possible. 

SalonScale keeps a record of how much of each color tube, tub of lightener, and bottle of developer that you use. Why? In just a couple of clicks, we will create a shopping list for you to ensure your favorite products are always stocked.

Step 3: Stocking with SalonScale

Like we say… it’s time to take your Sundays back. All we ask is that you perform one inventory count in your salon, download it into SalonScale, and voila! Everything will now be digital and automated. Once you’ve received your new product order, you can easily update your inventory levels in your Business Center, giving you accurate, real-time information to ensure you’re never under or overstocked again.

Step 4: Tracking with SalonScale

With SalonScale, you’ll have your business reports right at your fingertips, whenever you need them. You can spend less time searching for data, as our system is designed to export products and receipts as PDFs, allow you to see your most used and unused products, and give you a detailed overview of your inventory levels and activity.

Whether your goal is to reduce waste, simplify your ordering schedule, or even get a grip on what products are entering and exiting your business, SalonScale's priority is you, the salon owner. By following these four simple steps, you will quickly see just how much profit you could be bringing in and gain the time back to fall in love with what you do best, HAIR! 💜