It’s time to make your back bar digital. Technology is constantly evolving the way we live and work. The salon industry is no exception!

Despite the fact that you live in a trend-based industry, you must realize that trends extend beyond hair, they're in your business as well. With current economic conditions and inflation, it's becoming more necessary to stay ahead of the rising costs. This includes the costs to run your business and the cost of performing services at your salon. It’s also becoming crucial to bring transparency into these costs.

Using digital tools, you can gain real-time insights into many aspects of your business, like the cost of goods it takes to complete salon services.

Why does this matter? Well, no two manes are the same. 

Hair length, density, and thickness vary from client to client. Consequently, different amounts of products will be needed to achieve various looks. Thus, all back bar products are a variable expense. The only way to be fully transparent in your product usage is by incorporating digital tools into your back bar.

Definition: Variable costs vary with the number of services that your salon has. Your costs increase/decrease based on your salon’s activity. 

Incorporating digital tools into your salon will help with 2 areas:

  1. Efficiency & Accuracy
  2. Personalization 

Digital Tools Make You More Efficient & Accurate

One of the most incredible things about bringing software into your business is that it takes tasks off of your plate! Allowing you to not only be more efficient but have more accuracy around product usage and pricing. 

SalonScale is a Digital Tool

Rather than thinking of technology as a distraction, view it as a tool that will allow you to be more efficient and accurate in your salon. By using digital tools like SalonScale, you can eliminate all guesswork. SalonScale removes the guesswork by exposing the actual cost of all goods sold in your salon. From now on, you don't need to guess the cost of your back bar products including hair color, extensions, foils, and more. Your back bar will be completely transparent. And products used during each service will be available to you at your fingertips. It is imperative that you understand your cost of goods before engaging in a service transaction.

Features That Will Increase Your Efficiency & Accuracy

The customers should only pay for the products they’re using. For instance, a customer with less dense hair shouldn’t have to accommodate and be charged more for those who use more, and those who only want a few foils shouldn’t have to pay more for a bundled package. You just need to ensure you are covering your costs. Clearly, the only way to be confident this is happening is with digital tools like SalonScale. It's so easy to manage your product pricing and mark-up in the app. 

Let’s be honest, nobody really likes spending time ordering products, counting tabs, and doing inventory. So why not save more time by using tools to help you do the work more efficiently and accurately? SalonScale's download ordering feature offers you a suggested reorder amount based on how much you have actually used. 

Did you know that 40% of hair color sits on the shelf and goes unused? That means you are paying for that thrown-out expired product from your own pocket. That's a big hit on your salon profits, which could have been avoided by using digital tools. 

Additionally, when 70% of the customers who are coming into a salon have a product cost associated with their transactions, technology is needed more than ever. The power of digital tools will help you understand the exact cost of the products walking out your door. You will continue to have leaks in your business if you hope and assume that you're covering your costs. Be accurate in your pricing and the only way you can be 100% confident is with SalonScale in your toolkit. 

Digital Tools Aids in Personalization

These days customers want and prefer a personalized salon experience. How can you deliver this to your clients? Digitalization is the new-age solution. Start adding digital tools such as SalonScale to your toolkit if you want to make a lasting impression on your clients. Knowing your client’s exact preferences and complaints, and reflecting on those for their next booking will make your client feel valued and appreciated. 

High levels of personalization are only possible if you implement digital tools in your salon activities. See the best practices on how to implement SalonScale in your salon - How to Find Success With SalonScale. Not only does digitalization help personalize the customer journey but it also makes it more convenient. 

With SalonScale you can personalize your client’s experience by storing notes about your client’s sessions. Gone are the days of worrying about forgetting clients’ preferences or having your camera roll filled with clients' hair photos - it's all stored in the app! Let's eliminate that brief moment of panic when your client asks for the exact same thing as last time. You will be more confident knowing that you can deliver the same results every session. All client formulas are stored in the app so you can easily replicate the dream hair they loved from the previous session. Simple duplicate their formula with the press of one button. Duplicate the formula for the same client or a different client.


Technology has changed SO much - you no longer have to fear it. There are support teams who are dedicated to ensuring you have success throughout your entire journey. It's about finding the right digital tools that work in your system. 

SalonScale is not trying to change your business but instead, work with you. We want to give you the tools to empower what you’re already doing. Let us take something off your plate, so you don’t have to stress anymore. The features incorporated into the app will improve your efficiency, manage your cost and gather data to make educated managerial decisions. 

“I truly believe that SalonScale is not something that's trying to work against you or change your systems. We want to work with you, to be innovative, empathetic, and supportive. Because we know that the industry needs help.” - Alicia Soulier

SalonScale is not one size fits all. The salon industry needs digital solutions and we’re here to help you as you see fit for your salon.